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Welcome to Tipped Chair

This is the online gallery for Rocco D. Commisso. Here you will find my client work, games, comics, and personal illustrations. Some of my work has been featured in:

- Capcoms Megaman Tribute Book
- Capcoms Darkstalker Tribute Book
- Degrassi
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- The Smurfs
- Power Rangers
- Sony Ghostbusters
- Fashion Star Boutique
- Powder Monkeys
- Toronto Thumbs
- The Megas
- Destructoid
- Webkinz
- Sleeping Giant Gallery
- Sharp Men's magazine
- Children's book "Milly Mockingbird" by Ken Hills
- Children's book "Billy the Blue Jay" by Ken Hills
- Guelph newspaper EHCO
- Guelph newspaper the Ontarion
- 2007-2010 Dr. Skecthy's Art Show
- The 2006 Toronto "who done it" gallery show.
- The revival of the 2003 and 2004 OCAD comic.

I am available for commissions, and would love to provide the visuals for your game/book/website/ etc. To find out how I can help you make the best visual impression check out the gallery and feel free to e-mail ( about any artistic needs.

Copyright © 2005-2013 Rocco Commisso All Rights Reserved.